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750 ml
RARA NEAGRA – The history of this grape variety began at the dawn of winemaking because it is a direct descendant of a wild vine. Rara Neagra produces a rebellious, authentic ruby-colored national wine. The palate is dominated by aromas of red fruits and floral tones on a barely noticeable earthy background. It is easy to feel berry notes, gooseberries, and white pepper in the scent. Possessing a reasonably high acidity, the wine delicately reveals berries, gooseberries, and white pepper notes. This is a light wine with relatively high acidity, skillfully emphasized by elegant tannins.
An ancient variety has been cultivated during the Geto-Dacian times in southeastern Romania and many localities in the Republic of Moldova. It is even said that the great ruler Stephen the Great would have preferred certain wines of this variety. Rara Neagră was also among the first varieties included in the catalog of plant varieties of the Republic of Moldova, still in 1946.
It is also popularly called Băbeasca neagră, Căldărușa, Serecsia, Crăcănată, etc. In Romania, since 1950, the name Băbească neagră has become widespread. In Moldova – Rară neagră, and in Ukraine and the USA, this variety is called Sereksia / Sereksiya.
The variety is cultivated in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, United States of America. The global area occupied by this variety is about 2300.0 ha. This variety ranks 4th among the indigenous varieties by area in the Republic of Moldova. It constitutes – 102.0 ha, including 24.0 ha registered for the production of wine products with PGI. The variety has acclimatized very well, especially on the sunny hills in the country’s south.
The wines obtained from the Rara neagră grape variety are light and less extractive with delicate fine tannins, dominant aromas of rosehip flower, red currant, and wild blackberries. Due to its high acidity, Rara Negrea is suitable for obtaining rosé and sparkling red wines, unique in taste and aroma. It has a relatively pale color and the taste of a spicy berry.

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Moldovan pies - placintas, cabbage rolls, fried or baked chicken, rabbit.