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23 September 2021

Tradition and innovation while visiting Taraboste – At Chateau Vartely

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Tradition and innovation are reborn in harmony at Taraboste’s home. On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, a new tourist attraction has appeared at the Chateau Vartely winery, in the cellar where the barrels of wine are kept.

Thanks to the talent of young artists from the ArtCor center Oksana Kapatsina and Karen Grigoryan, Chateau Vartely, for the first time, created a fantastic video projection, which, using special effects, reproduces the wine history. Imagine: the screen is actual wine avbarrels in which the wine is aged before being poured into bottles. It is on this screen that the image is projected. And then the projection expands to fill the entire basement! Everything is connected at once: sight, hearing, smell – and an extraordinary sensory effect are created.

“Wine loves stories. People and legends are always hidden behind it. That is why we decided that the legend should live on. We found it in the enthusiasm of the people who have worked and continue to work in these vineyards, in their hearts and achievements. In our cellars and wines, we have reinforced this legend with innovation and tremendous talent. This way, this legend becomes closer and more tangible. However, it still remains a source of inspiration,” said Andrian Digolyan, Commercial Director of Château Vartely.

Showcased at the Château Vartely winery, this new projection is genuinely about how life and wine are continually reborn through innovation and passion. With this fantastic novelty, Château Vartely introduces all wine lovers to the winemaking culture and the legend of Taraboste wine in a new interpretation while maintaining the essence of its ancient traditions.

In this projection, the image does not last for a moment, and the feelings do not disappear quickly. On the contrary, they embrace you, deeply touch you, and their creative power goes far beyond this moment and seems to envelop you with the threads of eternity.

Château Vartely prides itself on supporting a community of young talented professionals and inviting you to travel back in time with the innovations of the future. Come to the winery! Here you will get a unique experience that will give you exceptional sensations and will remain in your memory for a long time. The projection demonstration is included in the wine tours free of charge.

For details and reservations call 068500555.

Looking forward to seeing you at Chateau Vartely!