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6 June 2022

From now on, Moldova has its own TOTEM. Premiere by Chateau Vartely

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Yesterday, June 2, at MediaCor — the first digital media center in Moldova, a presentation of the latest and unique TOTEM wines from Chateau Vartely winery took place. What distinguishes them, what makes them unique, and why TOTEM – find out below!

How did TOTEM appear?

By its origin, TOTEM is due to three vital elements – earth, sun, and water – which make up the so-called terroir. But above all, they carry an undeniable connection with a Man, the creator of wine. This symbolic affinity of the natural spirits of the area with the passion and industriousness of man was the starting point for the concept of TOTEM wines.

“The creation of wine is part of our DNA, part of our history and culture, which over time has become a wonderful and noble national cause. Inspired by this passion and guided by power in which, as in a protective totem, our ancestors believed, we in Chateau Vartely continue to create wines, symbolically calling them “TOTEM,” emphasized the CEO of Chateau Vartely, Valeriu Mihaluta .

That is the core philosophy of TOTEM – a collection of five wines filled with local symbols and legends of these places. These wines reveal themselves in harmony with familiar flavors and notes, so easily recognizable that it becomes obvious: they belong to us, to all of us living on Moldovan soil.

Meet five wines from the TOTEM series

Totem wines embody all the distinctive features of local varieties: Feteasca Regală , Fetească Neagră , Rara Neagra, and Viorica – varieties that together and individually create the most delightful nucleus and a true reflection of the place, the land, the traditions and the devotion with which man dedicates himself to the passion of winemaking.

Feteasca Regala is a fresh, crystal – clear and transparent wine of bright straw yellow color. You will recognize its slightly mineral taste, lively bouquet, and pleasant acidity. Subtle aromas of wildflowers combined with hints of apricot further ennoble the experience of this royal wine variety. The feeling of freshness, well supported by moderate minerality, accompanies us to the last sip giving an incomparable pleasure.

Viorica is an elegant and complex wine born from a young grape variety with a local aroma. The bouquet opens with intense aromas of acacia flowers and a harmonious taste. Subtle notes of ripe pear create an aftertaste wrapped in delicate floral and fruity nuances.

Rara Neagra – ruby wine with aromas of red fruits and floral undertones on a subtle background of earth aromas. It opens with notes of berries, gooseberries, and white pepper. This is a light wine due to its reasonably high acidity. Its fine tannins and refined aftertaste are unmistakable.

Feteasca Neagre – an exceptional wine with a delicate but at the same time intense texture. This wine has a complex character, revealed in a vivacious bouquet with subtle berry notes. Its slightly spicy aromas and rather generous fruit extract are complemented by a velvety and elegant aftertaste.

Feteasca Neagra Rose is a wine with a complex structure and fruit aroma. Rosé from the variety Feteasca Neagra surprisingly combines summer lightness and complexity of taste in a glass.

What makes the TOTEM wine series unique?

For the first time in Moldova, all these five wines from local varieties were combined into a line, for which a label with a protective symbol was chosen.

« By scanning a QR code on the label with your mobile phone, each consumer will get acquainted with all four symbols that formed the basis of the TOTEM wine series: earth, sun, water, and the totem itself, which will tell the legend about these wines.

It’s like talking to your ancestor, a talking TOTEM who speaks about the history and his life compellingly. The most remarkable thing is that everyone can enjoy all these technical innovations because they are available wherever you are if you have a bottle of Totem wine and a mobile phone,” said Andrian Digolyan, the company’s commercial director.

This series of wines was inspired by another achievement of the winery, “The Legend of Château Vartely Wine”, a projection with AR (augmented reality) innovations and a visual installation that can be seen when visiting the winery.

TOTEM wines can be bought at the winery shop at st. Eliberariy , 170 / B, in Orhei or Chisinau, on Pushkin street, 4.

Very soon, the wines of the TOTEM series will appear on the shelves of the city’s supermarkets.