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Exclusive wines Taraboste represent the gratitude to our ancestors, who developed the traditions of Moldovan viticulture. They are the expression of self-sacrifice and superior mastery in winemaking.
Produced in limited quantities, Taraboste wine is a triumph of taste, obtained from overly ripe grapes and aged in barriques. Beautiful aromas and aristocratic nuances are like a dive into our ancestors’ history.

And just when we thought this was the apogee, a new ambitious wine was born – the Taraboste TRIBUT range – two outstanding wines, an investment in the future reflecting in every drop all the passion, devotion, and grace of people for whom the art of winemaking is the supreme creation.

Do you know that?

Geto – Dacian nobles, who lived in the Roman Dacia of Trajan Emperor in the period 106-271 BC, were awarded with the title of Taraboste aristocrats.

The term comes from the form of hats, which the nobility of the ancient period was wearing.