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Taraboste Tribut Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Supplied in bottles of:

750 ml

An incredible wine, a true-life story full of passion, self-sacrifice and vine worship. A friendly invitation to a meaningful dialogue that only connoisseurs can understand.

Taraboste Tribut Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 is the embodiment of love for work, matured in oak barrels for 30 months. The wine has absorbed so much energy that it literally hits on the spot with an explosion of aromas and tastes. Corpulent, with pronounced but smoothed tannins, it has a perfectly balanced acidity. The bright flavour is characterized by hints of black currant and ripe cherries, as well as notes of roasted coffee, tobacco and spices. In a long aftertaste, shades of dried fruits, dark chocolate and smoked wood are expressed.

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Wine type

red dry

Grape variety

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Recommended food pairings

Roast beef or game