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Totem Fetească Regală

Supplied in bottles of:

750 ml
FETEASCA REGALA – Crystal clear and transparent wine of bright straw yellow color. You will recognize its slightly mineral taste, lively bouquet, and pleasant acidity. Subtle aromas of wildflowers combined with hints of apricot further ennoble the experience of this royal wine variety. The freshness is perfectly emphasized by moderate minerality and remains in the aftertaste, giving an incomparable pleasure.
Semi-aromatic grape variety resulting from the natural hybridization between Fetească Albă and Grasa de Cotnari varieties. The variety was identified around the 1920s and is cultivated in most regions of Romania and Moldova.
The variety ranks second among the indigenous varieties by area in the Republic of Moldova – 299.0 ha, including 72.0 ha registered for producing wine products with PGI.
Grapes are characterized by a typically floral and grapefruit aroma, with fresh pear and citrus shades, which usually acquire a fuller and more textured taste than their “parents.” From Fetească Regală, you can obtain medium-bodied wines for stainless steel and full-bodied wines for those held in aging in barrels, with intense aroma and excellent aging potential. The fine tannins in the skin of the grapes contribute as a resistance factor to aging.

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Wine type

White Dry

Grape variety

100% Feteasca Regala

Recommended food pairings

seafood dishes, cheeses, grilled fish, Caesar salad.