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Inspiro Viorica

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An elegant and complex wine, vinified from Viorica grapes, which delights with floral aromas of acacia, harmonious taste with notes of ripe pears and a slightly sweet-bitter finish. A wine that pampers.

Online orders

You have the opportunity to order your favorite Château Vartely wine through our partner sites that will deliver wine within the shortest time, observing all safety precautions.

Winery’s store orders

You can also purchase wine directly at the winery’s store at:

  • 170/B Eliberarii St., Orhei city, Republic of Moldova
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  • Working hours: 10.00 – 18.00, Monday – Sunday
  • Phone: +373 696 44 445

Type of wine



100% Viorica

Gastronomic combination

as an appetizer, fresh salads